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If I could show you a way to release that excess fat and actually keep it off, would you be interested?

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How the workshops work!

Did you know that your conscious mind represents only 5% of your cognitive capacity, while the remaining 95% is constituted by your unconscious mind?

Indeed, your unconscious mind plays a crucial role in shaping habits and addictions. If you've been solely relying on willpower to reduce weight, you're tapping into the mere 5% of your brain responsible for decision-making, which may explain some of the challenges you've faced.

Now, if you're seeking an effective solution, look no further than The Weight Loss Hypnosis Workshop. This intensive 1 hour and 45-minute session will expertly reprogram your mind and body, empowering you to shed extra weight effortlessly and maintain your ideal size moving forward.

Throughout the workshop, you'll experience repeated trances, delving deep into your unconscious to unlock those enlightening "ah ha" moments that will liberate you from old patterns.

Rest assured, I will personally collaborate with your unconscious mind to harmonise it with your conscious desire for a slim and healthy body.

Gain insight into the beliefs surrounding weight issues and uncover the genuine reasons why excess weight persists.

Expect a series of profound shifts, leading to incredible breakthroughs during this workshop, facilitated by me, a skilled hypnotherapy service provider.

And as for those cravings? We'll obliterate them together!

Still uncertain if this workshop is right for you? Read the testimonials below from previous attendees who have experienced transformative results.

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What you will receive after the Workshop

  • An hypnotic audio to listen to each night that will gently lull you off to sleep while resetting you metabolism.

  • Self Hypnosis Protocols that you can follow at home.

  • PDF Guides to assist you further and to recap what we have covered in the workshop.

  • An opportunity to join our Private Facebook Group where your will receive ongoing support and updates from me.



 Last nights Workshop was amazing!


 I am happy to report I am way less hungry today!!  I also have not craved my item that we did the exercise on for the first time in probably years. I crave it everyday, but I don’t eat it everyday. This made today much easier for me!  


This workshop was absolutely brilliant!!!! I highly recommend this. It has already been effective to keep me away from my favourite junk food since I completed the workshop. I must say thanks Donna for that one!

I highly recommend Donna for one-on-one hypnotherapy either way. I have experienced such a positive outcome from our sessions together.

I am now just so happy that she is adding online workshop options to her list of services. Especially when they clearly get just as good of results.

Many thanks Donna for being so good at what you do.


Thank you for the fab workshop today.!

It was fun to “dip my toes in the water”, so to speak, with hypnosis. Also, it was great to work through the activities and and experience some changes right away…and more to come! 


The workshop was really good. It was well paced and took me on a very powerful journey. Also, even as a newbie to hypnosis I felt safe and knew what to do at each step along the way.


For me the dominoes were meaningful and I look forward to seeing how the little changes that have started through the workshop will lead to dramatic changes down the track.

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