Imagine walking away from cigarettes without a second thought. No desire to ‘just finish the packet’ or ‘quit at the end of the week’.  Quit cold turkey and never worry about a relapse. Feel strong and in control.  With hypnotherapy (hypnosis), this outcome is very possible. Believe me, I was a smoker.

Using hypnotherapy as a treatment for smoking is ten times more effective than over the counter methods because it addresses the root of the addiction particular to that individual.


This safe, natural and tailor-made treatment gives you the power to cope with your cravings once back in your familiar surroundings and empowers you to overcome the addiction on your own.

The end goal is to create a structure and plan for the moments, hours and days where those cravings kick in again, so that appropriate action can be taken to suppress them in favour of a more beneficial activity. Once this is in place and hypnosis is induced the subconscious is reprogrammed so that its response to smoking is negative.


Yes, it is that easy.

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