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The following are true testimonials that have been left on my Google Business Page.  Feel free to go to "Google" me to confirm.

Renee Pachioli *****

Donna is amazing. I did a break through therapy program which consisted of 6 sessions. I can honestly say she has helped me so much with so many things in my life. She’s given me my confidence and strength back. I would highly highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting healing done. Not only is she incredible in her work but she is an absolutely beautiful human. Thank you so much for everything you have done for Donna. I will be forever grateful ❤️

Andrew Shields *****

We were not previously educated or aware of the success of hypnotherapy but we were willing to give it a go to overcome a phobia of needles. On consultation, Donna had a sense of quiet confidence about her and assured us we would have success. Trusting her confidence we agreed to book our first session and just like that! A 20 year phobia was resolved and we are now vaccinated!
Thank you Donna! You are worth your weight in gold. We would highly recommend!

Donna treated my son who has HAD a bad needle phobia. She was very good at putting him at ease and really understood the challenges he had. After one morning session we were able to get him vaccinated that afternoon. Although he was still apprehensive he was able to become calm, look away and be still for the vaccination. Following this he had an enormous sense of relief and is keen to catch up on the vaccinations he has missed this year. We really could not have come this far without Donna’s help

Melissa Kett *****

Donna made me feel extremely comfortable and secure whilst assisting me through some situational anxiety. I had always wanted to try hypnosis and I am so glad I found her. I would highly recommend her services and being able to meet with a beautiful person is an added bonus.

Mara Bray *****

Donna is absolutely amazing at what she does. I looked forward to every appointment & will continue to see her in the future. Hypnotherapy is a truely fascinating form of healing & I’d encourage everyone to try it. Especially with Donna @ In depth Hypnotherapy. Mara x

Bec Sugden *****

Donna was absolutely fantastic! So warm and friendly! I had never been to a hypnotherapist before and she made me feel at ease straight away! Helped me in ways I didn’t know I needed, would highly recommend! Thank you Donna

Olivia Moss *****

Decided one day to search on google hypnotherapy for help with my weight loss journey in particular and in depth was the first one that I was drawn too everything from enquiring , booking the consult and to coming in for my sessions was so easy! I'm so glad I made the leap and did something for myself for once.
Donna mad me feel so calm, comfortable and relaxed
I left every session feeling on top of the world, I'm forever grateful for all donnas help. :)

Janine Field *****

Very happy to recommend Donna and the NLP based process she uses for hypnosis. If you are looking to make changes and want to align yourself through your subconscious and remove hidden blocks, this is a great way to do it

Claire Brennan *****

Donna is approachable, empathetic and compassionate. Since seeing her I have felt so supported and listened to! Our sessions have helped me to feel ‘lighter’, free and ready to tackle my problems head on!

Isabelle Connolly *****

Donna truly is a miracle worker, she changed life!
I can’t thank her enough, she is amazing at her job and makes you feel completely comfortable from the first initial contact.
I’ll always remember her and what she did for me


Donna is amazing she’s compassionate, caring and soooo generous with her time never rushes you listens even if you’re going off the track. I’m so thankful that I got to meet her.

Candice Shields *****

For anyone who is sceptical, I urge you to just come and meet Donna and ask her about what she does. Absolutely incredible service, professional, friendly, and amazing results!

Shams Mausoud *****

Definitely the best experience I’ve ever had, i feel so much more relaxed and at ease. It’s one of the best feelings ever. 100% helps and 100% recommend!

Morgan Evans *****

A truly effective and organic process. I’m so pleased with the outcome and couldn’t thank Donna more for the journey!

Tayla Rudolph-O'Hara *****

Donna is truly amazing at what she does, I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!
Donna gives you the best service and makes you feel so comfortable and at ease with the whole process.
After my first session I walked out feeling like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders and felt really relaxed and happy.

Kim Woodward *****

Donna French is a miracle worker. She has changed my life and I would recommend her services to anyone who wants a positive change in their lives. Very professional empathetic therapist who really cares about her clients wellbeing.

Annette Raye *****

Wonderful experience, so much stuff on so many levels, Donna is a genuine caring practitioner, I’m so glad I met her on my journey.

Liz Moreno S. Santos *****

Well worth the money, great outcome & would recommend to anyone!

Ali G *****

I received help with an insect phobia a few years ago. Life changing!

Sam Horsnell *****

Well worth the money, great outcome & would recommend to anyone!

Michelle Franklin *****

Donna was AMAZING, one of the most connected experiences I have encountered 🙏

Tyler Sillery-Maxwell *****

Fantastic service. My experience has been fantastic and I can't wait to invite more people to have the same experience.

Girl Next Door Cosmetics *****

Donna guided me to discover answers that helped create clarity and a better understanding with how I came to be who I am. A unique experience and I am excited to continue revisiting the journeys I have been through and connecting them to how I approach life today. An emotional and refreshing journey of self discovery that I highly recommend everybody should invest in

Trent Spry *****

Josh Russo*****

Cherie Jackson *****

Thanks heaps. Highly recommend Donna for her expertise - fantastic results. 🤩

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